Our History

Maria Milagros Escuela

She is a Venezuelan, married, mother of 2 children, who came to the US in 2014, being a lawyer by profession, with a history of exercising her professional career, for more than 37 years in her country of origin, and who owed Due to the difficult situation her native country is currently going through, she decides to start with a project that gives her the possibility of establishing herself and being able to maintain herself over time, both for herself and her husband in this change of life that they had to assume; And this is how the two of them decide to start a small company whose Trademark is MAMAAREPAS, which also allows them to show an emblematic Product of the typical and cultural food of their country, since it is customary to eat it and find it in all the houses of Venezuela; as is THE VENEZUELAN AREPA …
She says: “We are dedicated to making La Arepa in various sizes and flavors, we make it precooked, and vacuum pack it, so that it can be consumed by as many people as possible … currently we have 5 years in the American market, complying with the quality standards, and the satisfaction, of all those who eat our delicious Arepas. Within this company I fulfill the mission of directing production. Currently we have just launched the Deliciosos TEQUEAREPAS, a new way of eating Tequeños, made with the dough of our Arepas Always thinking that people are motivated to eat Arepas, since these, because they are made of Corn flour, are a lot more Nutritious and nutritious, than wheat flour. “


Made with love

Our Team

made work with love

We put our heart in each Arepa we make, to provide them with the best quality.

each process is important

We carry out all our processes in a meticulous way, taking care of every detail.

biosecurity is our law

In all our processes we keep all the biosafety standards to ensure the health of our clients

delight yourself
with the best Venezuelan
style arepa